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From the preface of J. Shaller's book, "Tea"
"Morelli, and Berenson, suggested that in the slightest details of a painting an artist reveals himself most fully. He feels freer when painting the elements that most people ignore -- an ear or a lock of hair -- so he puts more of himself into his composition, less of what he thinks his audience will admire.

In the same way, fine cultural details can reveal the characteristic concerns of a society. When involved in the trivia of everyday life, people tend to be less inhibited, more true to themselves. Tea is such a touchstone. Its uses and abuses will reveal as much about the society in which it exists as the artist's unselfconscious line betrays about his personality.

Tea, like the lesser elements in a painting, should be viewed against a background of implication; its importance lies in allusion and metaphor."

Listed here a number of the other numerous references and sources of information in regards to tea. This is not intended to be a complete list.

Tea Books

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