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Poobong Tea Garden

The official seal issued by the Indian Tea Board for identifying authentic Darjeeling tea.

The Poobong Tea Garden (or Estate), produces world famous Darjeeling teas in the orthodox method and for the past two - three years has been producing exceptionally good teas. They export tea to many countries around the world. Being one of the pioneers in producing Darjeeling Oolong tea, they supply this tea to Europe and Japan, with Germany and Japan being avid devotees!

Poobong Tea Garden is situated on the high mountain top of Darjeeling, where you can almost touch the sky during the day and the twinkling and sparkling stars create a romantic aura at night. Poobong is famous for its lush green velvet valleys with tall pine trees standing beside the rough stony roads and the precious orchards which grow on the remote hills.

The tea garden is located at Ghoom in Darjeeling. On a map of the area provided by the India Times web site, another spelling of Ghoom is Ghum. It is the highest hill station in eastern India and the highest railway station in the world! The name Poobong is an ancient Tibetan name which means 'valleys behind the clouds'. Due to its high altitude this garden remains cloudy and foggy at most times. Finding one's way through the dense fog is difficult. The lower valley of Poobong starts from an altitude of 4000 feet and rises up to 6500 feet of the upper valleys of Poobong. The total area of the garden is 1000 acres with only 500 acres under plantation. The annual production is just over 70,000 kilograms.

Most of the Poobong tea plantation is covered with superior quality China tea bushes, which produce the world famous "muscatel" and "vintage" teas. Poobong used to sell their clonal baby Chinese tea plants to many of the other tea gardens of the Darjeeling district. The most famous of which is Temi Tea Estate which is situated at Sikkim. (Prior to the time that Sikkim was included as one of India's states, Temi was known as Kewzing Tea Estate.) Today Temi Tea Estate is manufacturing their supreme invoices from the fantastic China tea bushes that at one time had been supplied by the Poobong Tea Estate.

The Poobong Tea Garden is actually located in a very remote corner of the Darjeeling district. The local inhabitants have very little exposure or contact with the changing world. Traditionally, female workers, who are very skilled, undertake the plucking. They only pluck "two leaves and a bud" which is very important in producing the exclusive muscatel flavor of Darjeeling tea. The workers are early risers being up by 4 AM and by 7 AM they have all of their house hold work completed. Being such early risers, they often go to bed by 6 PM and silence reigns at Poobong.

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